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Lucid DreamS

The government chooses what you do, how you look, what you want, how you should feel. The piLL is administered and the Plebs are kept in check. Any side effect to the pill is a genetic weakness, and will not be allowed to survive. Strict and oppressive martial law enforces obedience and the piLL ensures docile, malleable Plebs. When Alex Priem realizes he is starting to lose grip on reality, danger appears on all sides. He knows he can not hide his side effect forever, and with the piLL a mandatory law, he will have to fight for any chance at a miserable dream of life.

Created by vanvontango on 03/04/2009. Last change by Mohammed on 03/18/2014.
2 writers have written 0 pages in 1 scene.

Resist Them

With no memory of the months before, a girl wakes up if find the world in ruins. Desperate to find answers and survivors, she discovers the world is being taken by another race and tries to find a way to stop them.

Created by ripmscofield on 05/21/2012. Last change by Cora_Auburne on 03/07/2014.
3 writers have written 2 pages in 2 scenes.

Machine of Genocide

A true hero is not judged by his power but by the heart that guides him.

Created by Henry12 on 03/07/2009. Last change by qayyumsanchie on 10/18/2013.
3 writers have written 4 pages in 5 scenes.

Demon Drive

When the heavens rain destruction on Earth, the military turns to hell for an answer.

Created by dominoparker on 03/23/2009. Last change by commawaffle on 02/12/2013.
7 writers have written 5 pages in 15 scenes.


So many houses closed down through the state of Washington, so many disappearances. No regular person knows whats happening, suspects anything.
A tale of the gov'ts endeavers, killing people for war, experimentations. Buildings set up all over the state, country, training grounds for them, death places for the failed. No one knows exactly what these things are. Animals that are too smart to be simple animals, humans too blood thirsty, rabid, too distorted to actually be human. The house on Linder street is now revealed to be a hell to the teenagers. As the teenagers die slowly, one by one the creators watch the dying, cold and calculating. They broke the law and must now be punished in a way that never comes out.
If this did come out, all would be ruined.

Created by kstirrat692 on 02/07/2009. Last change by commawaffle on 02/12/2013.
6 writers have written 3 pages in 1 scene.

The Hacker

A has-been computer hacker uses his virtual-knowhow to erase a mysterious figure from existence.

Created by boogey on 10/19/2008. Last change by linas101 on 01/09/2013.
6 writers have written 2 pages in 1 scene.

Fahrenheit 451

In a future society all reading matter is forbidden, and the fire department must seek out citizens who disobey this edict and burn their books. Widescreen televisions in the homes and loudspeakers all over the city control the populace through propaganda.

Created by emiliano1954 on 08/09/2012. Last change by emiliano1954 on 10/03/2012.
2 writers have written 0 pages in 2 scenes.

Life's A Witch: The Series

Ellis, Ivy, Orson, Ursula and Alton are The Pentagram. They are sorcerers with elemental powers and they have a lot to learn about life as a teenager and life as a witch.

Created by Neptuny on 02/15/2009. Last change by nvarela33399 on 09/17/2012.
2 writers have written 0 pages in 1 scene.


Problemas comunes en un barrio marginal, con una solucion inesperada.

Created by Malox on 06/25/2008. Last change by cicr1 on 07/17/2012.
4 writers have written 1 page in 3 scenes.


Live action Pokemon movie based off of the Pokemon Comatose Theory. For those of you who've never read it here it is: http://www.aussie-nintendo.com/forum/showthread.php/14451-The-Pokemon-Comatose-Theory.

Created by connorchase on 05/08/2011. Last change by purpledrankk17 on 07/14/2012.
2 writers have written 13 pages in 5 scenes.
Viewing 41-50. Your search returned 149 projects.
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