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Samurai Battles of Old

This movie should feature everything to do with Samurai. One eager apprentice battles ninjas and noblemen to train for becoming a samurai.

Created by Ethee on 10/22/2008. Last change by Ethee on 08/30/2009.
2 writers have written 4 pages in 2 scenes.
Created by protommie on 03/23/2009. Last change by ODSTthomas on 08/11/2009.
4 writers have written 7 pages in 4 scenes.


Friend gets tricked by his friend to

Created by magpie99 on 12/26/2008. Last change by jkleier on 08/04/2009.
2 writers have written 0 pages in 6 scenes.
Created by Nat739DT on 08/18/2008. Last change by Nat739DT on 07/30/2009.
3 writers have written 13 pages in 19 scenes.


Twin sisters play mind games with a husband, a co-worker, and each other.

Created by dominoparker on 05/01/2009. Last change by dominoparker on 06/26/2009.
1 writer has written 2 pages in 1 scene.

My Tribe

A movie version of the game My Tribe.

Created by Ethee on 02/03/2009. Last change by Ethee on 06/19/2009.
4 writers have written 3 pages in 2 scenes.

Sword: The Midest of Life

Try as you might. The Earth always seemed so big. To you of course! To them the Earth is small. The life of us is unspeakable.
Well...not exactly. When I mean not exactly. I really meant one little boy, about eleven years old. Who is that boy?

His name is:


His friends:

Sammie, Eric, and Mary Ann

They discover a world unknown. My world.


When does this start?

The day after somebody's death. You ask why?

I say that's the deal.

Created by AelitaAngel101 on 02/01/2009. Last change by AelitaAngel101 on 05/20/2009.
1 writer has written 2 pages in 2 scenes.
Created by Ethee on 04/19/2009. Last change by matthewligon on 05/04/2009.
5 writers have written 1 page in 1 scene.


A story about what it means to be caged in, what it means to be free, and what you do with that freedom. Starring dethbird, katbot, and ernesto

Created by teafordinner on 04/18/2009. Last change by teafordinner on 04/30/2009.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.

good vs evil

good vs evil is about bat man face his most dangerous foe joker who gets all forces to kill him.

Created by teddy123 on 04/29/2009. Last change by teddy123 on 04/29/2009.
2 writers have written 1 page in 3 scenes.
Viewing 71-80. Your search returned 170 projects.
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