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A Question of Sexuality

A woman living in New York City finds her boyfriend dressed as a transvestite and starts to examine her career choice in pursuing musical theatre.

Created by pantazisr on 03/23/2011. Last change by AdityaMohan 4 months ago.
2 writers have written 7 pages in 2 scenes.
Created by ouijesais on 07/19/2010. Last change by stefmac15 two years ago.
16 writers have written 29 pages in 12 scenes.

Aubra and The Mud

A four part story of suburban Australians before and after a flood strikes their town.

Created by JesseWilliams on 01/15/2012. Last change by DanielSepare on 08/27/2014.
2 writers have written 4 pages in 3 scenes.
Created by JoshhD on 10/24/2010. Last change by JoshhD on 10/25/2010.
1 writer has written 3 pages in 1 scene.
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