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This story is a mashup of the anime Shugo Chara and the hit video game Kingdom Hearts. The heroine, Lily Kentner, finds out that she is not from this world when travelers come to visit. The Travelers say that they are from a different world. The two worlds of Shugo Chara and Kingdom Hearts collide when they team up to defeat Xehanort, the bad guy of Kingdom Hearts. Xehanort uses the hearts eggs of children in the Shugo Chara world against the gang. Will they be able to defeat Xehanort for good? Will Lily be able to find out who she really is? Shugo Chara is an anime by Peach-Pit and Kingdom Hearts is a video game by Tetsuya Nomura

Created by AutumnWriter94 on 04/12/2012. Last change by AutumnWriter94 on 04/12/2012.
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