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A newly developed autopilotting system hijacks itself and holds it's passengers hostage. Investigators on the ground a handful of passengers must work together to discover what has corrupted the machine.

Created by SinkOrSwim on 07/27/2008. Last change by SinkOrSwim on 07/27/2008.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 3 scenes.


This is an attempt to animate an essay by Sean Wang published in the Winter 2008 issue of N+1.

Created by alexevasion on 04/25/2008. Last change by alexevasion on 07/24/2008.
3 writers have written 5 pages in 12 scenes.
Created by colter99 on 05/13/2008. Last change by colter99 on 06/23/2008.
1 writer has written 1 page in 1 scene.
Created by colter99 on 05/28/2008. Last change by colter99 on 05/28/2008.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.


A wandering loner from paramilitary south america happens into a no mans land in a gang ridden area. Where he uses his military experience to make money as a body guard for 2 gangs who he ultimately pits against each other.

Created by DannyM on 05/22/2008. Last change by DannyM on 05/22/2008.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.

Jones vs. Brown- Restaurant Raid

This is episode 3 of Jones vs. Brown. In this episode, Agent Brown has teamed up with Nurse Kelly, three years after the major fight with Agent Jones. The two decide to open a restaurant (Brown is retired). Sandy, Kelly's younger sister, is assisting in the restaurant. This will be the greatest battle of all!

Created by PittFan on 05/14/2008. Last change by davinaho915 on 05/17/2008.
4 writers have written 2 pages in 3 scenes.
Created by rainman on 04/01/2008. Last change by PittFan on 05/15/2008.
4 writers have written 36 pages in 37 scenes.

Death in Eden

A man, wrongly accused of murdering the presidential candidate's wife, is sentenced to death and is sent to a tropical island where the senator and his friends are playing a deadly game.

Created by poetedamour on 04/01/2008. Last change by poetedamour on 04/23/2008.
2 writers have written 46 pages in 6 scenes.

The Adventures Of Tom Timer And His Immaculate Sense Of Timing

Tom Timer has an immaculate sense of timing, he goes by his day to day ordinary life, timing everything immaculately. Until one day, fate drops him in a untimely situation, and he has to use his immaculate sense of timing to save the world as we know it.

Created by TheGradontron on 03/21/2008. Last change by Adastophilis on 04/20/2008.
4 writers have written 3 pages in 2 scenes.

Bombs Overhead

A Bi-Plane hero burns out rather than fades away.

Created by xxbeermestrength on 11/22/2007. Last change by formerm on 04/18/2008.
1 writer has written 1 page in 1 scene.
Viewing 101-110. Your search returned 143 projects.
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