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Crime mystery

The project is about a man, who was found killed at a kid's korner in the plantarium. He is a drugdealer. His business partner killed him, because he took the money and ran off and he is threatening his partner for more money or else.. he is going to ratted him our infront of the police

Created by Eng_projects on 04/02/2007. Last change by jordenwindham 40 minutes ago.
10 writers have written 9 pages in 3 scenes.

The mo-nster

When John larson blames his mother's d-th
on a conspira-cy theory, he will find out who
truly ruined his life.

Created by concomstudios 3 weeks ago. Last change by concomstudios 2 hrs, 12 mins ago.
2 writers have written 10 pages in 4 scenes.

Death is Imminent

A virus that turns everybody infected into mindless, cannibalistic creatures is spreading like wildfire through Great Britain. Seven survivors have banded together to defend themselves against the infected, other survivors, and even the United States military, who is determined to stamp out all signs of this plague before it spreads beyond the Channel and their control.

Created by adeepeningheart on 09/12/2010. Last change by GSwazy 2 hrs, 24 mins ago.
19 writers have written 1 page in 2 scenes.

Flicker Ep. 1-Pilot

A lazy, teenage girl wakes up with powers one day and decides not to use them to fight crime or help others. But when a thief steals her phone, it gets personal. The beginning of a superhero show.

Created by Flicker 2 days ago. Last change by Flicker 9 hours ago.
1 writer has written 2 pages in 2 scenes.


A socially inept daydreamer - Jon Linlithgow - has finally had enough of the societal injustices that surround him. After Jon witnesses a minor littering offence, the subsequent confrontation prompts a complete psychotic breakdown. Jon becomes THE MUGGER.

Created by rudyardlion 15 hours ago. Last change by rudyardlion 13 hours ago.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.
Created by GoranMostecak 6 days ago. Last change by GoranMostecak 33 hours ago.
1 writer has written 10 pages in 1 scene.
Created by Spectrix 2 days ago. Last change by Spectrix 35 hours ago.
1 writer has written 5 pages in 3 scenes.

Lakeview Drive

After taking on the guise of Jehovah witnesses, two brothers and small time burglars encounter three strange girls with a sinister agenda while searching for their next score.

Created by JWizzlaMyNizzla two years ago. Last change by JWizzlaMyNizzla 37 hours ago.
1 writer has written 14 pages in 1 scene.

Doctor McSlutty

Natalia Trent also known as Doctor McSlutty as she fucks her female patients so that Natalia can have some sexual benefits for herself and free doctor appointments and free health examinations for her female patients in her clinic.

Natalia doesn't care if you're an adult or a teenager, she doesn't care if you are married, in a relationship, engaged, recently single or single as fuck and she also doesn't care about your virginity, she'll fuck you anyway only if you are female

Will you go to doctor McSlutty for a hospital appointment?



Ever chapter has a sex scene sometimes with the same patient but mostly different patients, the sex scenes are highly pornographic.

Highly pornographic images in the chapters.

Nudity is 100% present in every chapter written.

Cussing is in every chapter.

Must be over 18 to read.

Anyone under 18 enter at your own risk.

If you're homophobic I suggest to go away.

Created by Error_Queen 40 hours ago. Last change by Error_Queen 40 hours ago.
1 writer has written 0 pages in 1 scene.

The Toymaker

About a guy who turns people into toys

Created by Tshuttle20 11 days ago. Last change by Tshuttle20 43 hours ago.
1 writer has written 9 pages in 9 scenes.
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